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Looking for a passionate, smart and dynamic speaker or trainer for your next event? You’re in the right place. I {occasionally accompanied by my beautiful wife, Kalyani} have been empowering audiences of all sizes and ages for more than twenty years, through my speaking and training. From private leadership gatherings, education and business trainings, to 300+ entrepreneur conferences, and worldwide through my BlogTalk Radio Show, I share valuable insights and lessons about the inward journey to: breaking free from limiting mental patterns, sabotaging behaviors and addictions, innovating ourselves, soulful success, conscious leadership, empowered relationships, entrepreneurship, and the Thriving Code.

I’m one of the most engaging and memorable speakers you’re likely to find, because I give from my heart in a combination of inspiration, education and actionable content all at the same time, from real life experience, not theory, that ignites your audience to see their life in a whole new perspective, to become the person they most deeply want to be and do what they came here to do.

Whether speaking or training, I expertly tailor my topic to powerfully connect with your audience and event needs. Simply call me at 805-232-4182, for a personal conversation about your specific event or you can submit your request here.


Signature Presentation and Training

The Thriving Code: Restoring Our Natural Settings of Dynamic Intelligence

At age 27, my biggest decision, became my greatest liberation. I committed to a 30 day inpatient detox program, and discovered that it wasn’t about detoxing from alcohol, but a life intervention that took me on a path to a new inward adventure of Self awareness that has profoundly expanded my perception and impacted everything in my life. That was over 28 years ago!
Just like I was, millions of successful high achievers are leading lives of quiet desperation, because they have not learned how to activate the dormant forces within to become the heart centered impactful human being they so deeply want to be.
I deliver what’s being recognized as the simply innovative roadmap to bring your 7 Intelligent Dimensions into coherence, to bridge the gap between what you say you want and your ability to choose purpose driven action that aligns you with what you came here to do.

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